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flower garden ideas mn

Plants that are native to Minnesota can add beauty. So glad to have Susie with us to show examples of native plants. This is really a hot area of landscaping. Why are people so interested in this? native plants are so beneficial to the landscape. First of all, in order to be a native plant, it had to exist at geological times.

All of these varieties are older than us and the reason they thrive is that the natural environment is very conducive to the conditions that they need. Are they beneficial because it’s easier for us to take care of them? it’s easier to take care of that requires a just the natural amount of water, really doesn’t require any pesticides for them to grow. But they also have a very strong root system, so they keep back soil erosion, they’ll hold the soil in place. They also will take up quite a bit of the rainwater so we don’t have as much stormwater runoff.

This is great for rain in gardens. Cool looking. Agreed. Let’s talk through some of what you brought today. Right. In the perennial world there’slots of perennials. The beautiful purple flower here. It will have the nice stalks in the late summer months that bloom. It also is a great cut flower. Gorgeous. I like that a lot. Wildlife pretty much with all the native’s love –bees, the butterflies, the birds. Love having it in their habitat.

The berry plant –the pagoda dogwood is a tree. A shorter tree. It’s not going to be like a book or something like that, but it has a beautiful habit in that it sends its branches outward. You can prune it to be a topiary type shape. The berries on it the birds absolutely love the berries. Nice. All of our grasses, dropseed grass, Shenandoah, the big blue same grasses are great native plants. Native grasses just look awesome in a yard. They do.

They look great in the summer months where they’re nice and green and then they’ll get their nice plumes in the fall and you can keep them all fall. I leave them up in the winter. They have a lot of great winter interest. The bush honeysuckle shrub. In front we have a dogwood. The nice thing about the dogwoods, some varieties will have a red or yellow twig. Very nice. It gives winter interest as well. You’ve brought a lot of the bigger plants. These are native plants as well. This is echinacea. It’s the original coneflower. So this is the native one. We have lots of other coneflowers in Minnesota. This is the real deal. Uh-huh. Then a lobelia. A Veronica. Can you plant this now? you can plant all of them now. They’re great to plant now.

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